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Planning Meeting
19:30, Tuesday 2nd August 2016
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Full Council Meeting
20:00, Tuesday 2nd August 2016
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Planning Meeting
19:30, Monday 15th August 2016

Finance and General Purposes Committee Meeting
20:00, Monday 15th August 2016

Planning Meeting
19:30, Tuesday 6th September 2016

Latest Updates

Hazlemere/Chepping Wycombe Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG)

Published on Mon 25th July 2016

The NAG has vacancies for new members in all areas that the NAG covers, i.e. Chepping Wycombe and Hazlemere Parishes, but especially from Loudwater and Tylers Green. In addition to members from the Neighbourhood Policing Team, the NAG membership covers a wide area, and is drawn from different vocations and ideally from the following:- • Representative of the communities within the neighbourhood/s. This should include young people where possible • Statutory partners – nominated officers from local authorities (e.g. County, District, Parish Councils within the wards they represent, and other appropriate public organisations) • Representatives of community, residents and tenants groups • Representatives of the Business Community within the neighbourhood • Neighbourhood Watch Administrators • Representatives from Housing Associations (HAs) or Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) • Members will be appointed for a period of two years The current NAG priorities are :- • Anti-Social Behaviour [ASB]/Criminal Damage • Speeding Traffic/Road Safety • Parking/Enforcement • A new priority the NAG has agreed to tackle, is `Legal Highs`, their effects on young people and consequential crime and anti-social behaviour If you are interested in helping our local Neighbourhood Policing team tackle crime related issues, then the chairman would like to hear from you as a potential new member. Contact:- David Onslow E-Mail davidonslow@btinternet.com Tel No.01628 819108

Hazlemere Recreation Ground new play facilities

Published on Thu 21st July 2016 Parish Council, Community News

Children from Hazlemere Church of England School delightfully performed songs at the opening ceremony conducted by the Chairman of the Parish Council, Cllr Milly Roberts at Hazlemere Recreation Ground, Amersham Road on Friday 15 July 2016 which was attended by Councillors, Contractors and Members of the Public. The new facilities have been very welcomed by local children; the zip wire and multi access equipment are proving to be very popular. A new path links from Green Street to the car park in Hazlemere Recreation Car Park by Hazlemere Memorial Hall. (Photograph courtesy of Bucks Free Press)

Memorial Service at Holy Trinity to Sir William Ramsay

Published on Thu 21st July 2016 Parish Council, Community News

The family of one of Britain’s most notable chemists joined Councillors, school pupils in Hazlemere and representatives from UCL, to commemorate the centenary of his death and to lay wreaths at his grave in Holy Trinity Church on Amersham Road on July 14 2016. Sir William Ramsay, who was born in Glasgow on October 2, 1852, worked alongside Lord Rayleigh to discover the element Argon in 1894. After discovering another noble gas, helium, he predicted other noble gases based on the periodic table of elements and established the existence of neon, krypton and xenon. He was married to Margaret Johnstone Marshall and had a daughter, Catherine Elizabeth and a son, William George. After retiring, Sir William moved to a house near to the church in Amersham Road and lived there until he passed away aged 63. (Photograph courtesy of Bucks Free Press).

Planning Committee Minutes 20 June 2016

19:30, Monday 20th June 2016
Published on Fri 8th July 2016 Signed Minutes

Planning Committee Minutes 7 June 2016

19:30, Tuesday 7th June 2016
Published on Fri 8th July 2016 Signed Minutes

Extraordinary Council Meeting 7 June 2016

19:00, Tuesday 7th June 2016
Published on Fri 8th July 2016 Signed Minutes

Minutes Full Council 7 June 2016

20:00, Tuesday 7th June 2016
Published on Fri 8th July 2016 Signed Minutes

Consultation on the draft new local plan for Hazlemere and Wycombe District

Published on Thu 7th July 2016 Community News

Don't miss this opportunity to have your say about future plans for your village and surrounding areas! Monday 11 July 2016 at Hazlemere Community Centre 2.30 - 8.30pm

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